Premium Quality Beige Oval Floor Mats

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Rs 1,199.00


RIDEOFRENZY's premium quality odourless and washable floor mats are built with an amazing material and quality.

Apart fromt the dazzling and distinctive stylish looks, the specially crafted car floor mats ensure that they do not stink in any kind of weather, no matter it is rainy, humid or high heat.


Premium Quality Set of 5 Mats Odourless (No Smell of rubber, unlike cheap rubber mats) Anti-Slip Backing Durable Channel Construction To Retain Water, Snow, Dirt Debris Classy Unmatchable Design Highly Durable and Long Lasting Material Completely Washable Very Attractive Looks Great All Weather Protection

Package Contents: Odourless Car Floor / Foot Mats 5 Pcs (Set of 5 Mats - 2 Front Seat, 2 Rear Seats, 1 Rear Middle).

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