White Color Reverse Car Parking Sensor Kit

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Rs 749.00



Gone are the times when parking a car was a task, it is twenty first century now where people walk with technology on their palms. Where increasing number of cars nowadays has not only introduced challenges of Parking but has also posed a threat to the security of the people and also of the car. This is a call for advanced and intelligent parking system that can smartly deal with such routine problems, now you do not need to worry becaSpeedwav Car Parking System will solve all your parking problems while parking in reverse. Features: Make parking easy . Rings warning alarm if any object is too close. Keeps your car safe from routine parking dings and dents L.E.D on dashboard displays warns you with the distance left between your car and the object behind Package Contents: 4 X Ultrasonic sensors 1 X Main box 1 X LED display for dashboard 1 X Drilling aid 4 X Cables

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