Toyota Car Door Ghost Projector Shadow Led Light

New product

Rs 499.00


The most recent and hot selling accessory in the international market.
Door welcome lights project the logo of the car as soon as the door opens. Awe your passengers and everyone around. Second look guaranteed!

No Pollution, no noise, no electronic interference

Leading the trends of car lighting sources

100% Brand New

Package included 2 LED logo light

Voltage : 12-24V DC

Output power : 3W

Working temperature : -40'C to 105'C

Size : about 4.4cm x 1.9cm

Installation Instruction

1. Remove the door cover

2. drill a hole under the door cover

3. fix the light lamps to the door cover

4. access the wire to the door light power

5. Close the door coverNOTE-Item is Hardpacked/sealed,if unpacked it would not be refunded or replaced.

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