Renault Kwid Wheel Covers Cap | ABS plastic | Silver Color

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Renault Kwid Stylish Wheel Covers Cap | ABS plastic | Elegant Silver Color

Description -

RideoFrenzy stylish and trendy wheel covers are coated with thick layers of silver paint and lacquer. Durable stylish manufactured with the highest quality materials and to the exact specifications of your vehicle this set of wheel cover will fit wheel box contains set of 4 pieces.

Material of wheel cover - abs plastic

When checking your tire size, do not measure the hubcap, it will give a larger size than needed. For the correct size it goes by the tire size. Check the sidewall of your tire for a series of #'s like - p212, 60, r1The r13 in the example is the hubcap, tire, wheel size you need to order the correct size.

By entering a quantity of 1 you will get 4 hubcaps shipped to you please check the wheel cover size on your car rim as -inchr13-inch (this will be mentioned on your car rim) to confirm the compatibility of this wheel cover.

Please note - the product listed is 100 percent tested on Indian car model, we shall not be liable if buyer do not check the wheel rim size as per image and buys the product randomly.

Note - please note wheel cover will not be coming with brand logo of the vehicle as brand infringement is not permissible.

Compatible To : Renault Kwid

Content in the Box : Set of 4 

Material Used : ABS Painted

Shipping Time : 3 Working Days

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Renault Kwid Wheel Covers Cap | ABS plastic | Silver Color

Renault Kwid Wheel Covers Cap | ABS plastic | Silver Color

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