Premium Quality Customized Z-Black Sun Shades

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Customized Z-Black Sun Shades:-

Material: Nylon Polyester Mesh with Metallic Frame Embedded with Magnets

Color: JET Black

Dimensions: Customized as per vehicle

Mount type: Magnetic - Clings to car door frame

Assembly details: Open the car door and place the sun shades on the window frame (metallic part) the magnets will automatically snap on

Sun shades for the all windows are tapered from end to end to improve visibility.

How To Fix-

Open the Car door.

Snap on the Magnetic curtain on car window Frame.

Note- The product will be fixed on the car window after opening the car door and not with the door closed.

The product is fixed as end to end on the car window frame.

UV sun protection

Super Shades truly steals the show, especially at this price. Super Shades provide excellent shade, blocking the sun's UV rays, covers the entire window. Keeping the sun out of kids & Babies' eyes.

Fresh air flow

Allows you to open the windows, allowing fresh airflow into the vehicle while acting as a barrier against insects, preventing insects entering your car when the window is open. Great if you need ventilation on the move.

Deter smash and grab

Prevents outsiders from glancing into the vehicle looking for something to snatch.

Easy to fit

Super Shades are easy and quick to fit, they fit over the door frame and cannot be removed once the car door is shut. Super Shades are custom made for each vehicle and are design to have a snug fit. Cannot be pulled off by kids.

             Parental privacy

                Ideal for nursing mothers, giving mother and child protective privacy.

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Premium Quality Customized Z-Black Sun Shades

Premium Quality Customized Z-Black Sun Shades