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Premium Leather Seat Covers for Honda City

Premium Leather Seat Covers for Honda City

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  • Normal Fit
  • Skin-Fit
  • PU Leather
  • Nappa Art Leather
  • Italian Art Leather



  • High Quality Automotive Grade PU Leather/Ultra Soft Art Leather.

  • Car Seat Covers made to custom fit for specified Car Model Only.

  • Tear Resistance level at par with Automotive Standards

  • Skit Type Fitment (Accurate Size that Fits Perfect on the Original Seat)For Cushioning  --> 14mm foam is used.

  • These seat covers are made on imported machines for perfect fitting & good finishing.Does not de-shape or Become Loose

  • Automotive Threads which do not Bleed

  • Fitment Process Involves use of Multiple Tape Wires and Threads that are Manually tied to the Seat.

  • Craftmanship in Every Stitch

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

  • Material has Permanent Dry Feel

  • Resistant to UV Rays

  • These seat covers are complete set for your car Front seats & Rear seats and Armrest , if any.


Difference between PU Leather & Art Leather:-

Art Leather                     

PU Leather

Do not Heat Up & Keep you cool extreme Temperature.

Usually heat up at Extreme Temperature.

Very Strength full & Do not tear.

Comparatively Less Strength full

Last Long for 7-8 Years

Last Long for 4-5 Years

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